Diy Roman Shades

Do want your old living room to enjoy a new look? Well then you have to explore the three options you have in hand. These options for home decorations are readymade shades, custom made shades and diy roman shades. Readymade shades are available in department stores, online websites and special home furnishings stores. When you invest in these readymade shades you would have limited options in areas like size, color and texture available. Custom-made shades on the other hand can be customized as per your personal home requirements. These shades enjoy good quality and therefore are expensive.

Diy Roman ShadesWhat about roman shades?

Roman shades are a cousin of custom-made shades. The person doing these shades is not a professional but understands the basic of undertaking a Diy Roman Shades project. You can fall in this category as you have idea regarding the fabric you are going to use in the shade and also understand technical shade components like lining, insulation etc. You can make a roman shade on your own provided you keep the basic components simple and do not add much complexity to it and this would hinder you to undertake the project on your own. However you might find it a big challenge to understand the lift system which consists of the lift cords and how to retain the cords in the roman shades. If you feel that you cannot do this well you can buy a kit which is available in the market at very cost effective prices and successful complete your project. If you look around a little you would find kits which are specially made for windows and using them would help you to complete your project in hand.

How do you take care of your roman shades?

After you have installed your roman shades in your living you also have to understand how to take care of them. The basic steps that you would need to undertake are:

Dusting your roman shades

Your Diy Roman Shades have been made from materials which are soft and this becomes a challenge when you have to maintain them on a regular basis. The most simple and best method to use here is to dust your roman shades daily and make it a part of your regular cleaning process. This would help you to enjoy your roman shades for long years and also keep the basic hygiene in the room. Many home owners adopt the policy of cleaning their roman shades with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise you can also dust it with the simple feather duster on a daily basis.

Monthly cleaning of your roman shades

Dusting your roman shade is a regular cleaning method. Once a month you have to clean your roman shades too. Here before cleaning your roman shades you have to understand the nature of fabric which was used to make your roman shades. Most roman shades are made from a slightly stiff fabric. Therefore the cleaning process would require cleaning them in with a clean damp cloth which has been dipped in warm soapy solution. The detergent should be mild. Otherwise it might affect the roman shade fabric or leave a stain. Small portions of the roman shades can be cleaned and then left to dry naturally.

Can these shades be washed in a washing machine?

When buying the fabric to make your roman shade, the manufacturer’s instruction would mention if it can be washed in the machine or hand washed. If you have any doubt it is best to take it to a cleaning expert and they would study the fabric, test it and then tell you whether it can be cleaned in a washing machine. If your roman shade has an insulation cover like blackout linen fabric, that would be cleaned in a different manner. Otherwise the roman shades may shrink and the fabric might get damaged. Get your facts right before you introduce your roman shades into the washing machine for cleaning.